Video Response 1

A performance of Oedipus the King provides a different experience than simply reading the text of the play on the page. What changes? What's easier to understand? What's more difficult to understand? Why is it useful to have access to the text of the play when studying Oedipus?

Consider how period correct locations, costumes, and other situational factors contribute to the cultural experience that the performance provides. Do you think the play is best studied and understood simply as a representation of ancient Greek values and culture, or does is "scale forward" well as a piece of literature with universal themes? Explain how/why.


This is supposed to be a fast assignment (you shouldn't need to spend more than 25 minutes to a half hour on it). Please type up a response of at least 300 words at submit via Make sure you're submitting in the correct area - this is the VR1, NOT the Paper 1. Use examples to illustrate your points.

The deadline is 11:58pm this coming Friday, February 16.