Lawrence, Orwell, & Imperial Letters Study Questions (discussed in class)

  1. Describe Constance Chatterley's upbringing. Was it "traditional"? How did Connie's life change with the advent of the war? What expectations - on the parts of her parents and of English society in general - do you think influenced her life in less-than-positive ways?
  2. What was Clifford's and Connie's marriage like? How did the war affect their courtship and marriage?  Without the war, do you think they would have married? How did Clifford's "war wounds" change the course of their relationship? How might Mary Wollstonecraft view their relationship? Would she have approved?
  3. How did the events and aftermath of WWI seem to affect British society? How are Clifford's and Connie's experiences a microcosmic example of these effects?
  4. Animal Farm is an allegory for what real historical event(s)? Which animals are intended to represent certain historical figures? How does the species of each animal seem to reflect the personalities of the real historical figures?
  5. Explain the "hypocrisy of the milk" presented in the assigned excerpt; how might it reflect the hypocrisy of the real-life regime which Animal Farm is intended to critique? How does it begin to run afoul of the "commandments" instituted by the animals?
  6. The Russian grand duchess' letters and journals reveal details about the lives and values of the Russian imperial family. What kind of people were they? Does this "image" portray the decadent ruling family claimed by both the communist revolutionaries and, later, the propaganda machine of the Soviet government?