Delta College/Mountain House ~ History 17A ~ Spring, 2020
Prof. Kali Pappas

Last updated on 2/26/2020

* Schedule updated...see below! *


  1. Video Response 1 prompt is here; to be completed at home as we ran out of time in class! It's due at the beginning of class on February 3. See the prompt and your syllabus for more information on video response assignments. These are to be handwritten. The assignment is open note/open readings.
  2. Onine primary source readings (linked below) as well as textbook readings are required!
  3. Study Questions are required. Complete them as they are assigned. You will be submitting them to on exam days. See the Syllabus for more info.
  4. The paper prompt is right here. General information about the paper is presented in the Syllabus, along with information about using (where we submit the paper).
  5. Remember, textbooks are required right away! See the Syllabus for information.
  6. Remember, everyone should sign the rollsheet EACH class meeting.

Administrative Info.

Course schedule:

Updated as we go; check the Syllabus for more information about the class and completing the various assignments. Note that we may expand or contract discussions as we go, but do make sure you're up to date on all readings as presented on this schedule (even if we seem to be a bit behind in class!). :)