Civ/Hum 3
Paper 2
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Due date provided on course website and syllabus!


Please consider all portions of the prompt in your essay. Please type your paper (double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins on all sides, the equivalent at least four pages long; that usually means over 1100 words!) and submit it via your account on (make sure you are correctly registered on the site WELL BEFORE you attempt to submit your paper).

Do not use outside sources; stick to Metropolis and recent readings discussed in class. Remember to cite these sources if you quote them, borrow turns of phrase from them, or appropriate ideas directly from them. Limit direct quotations to 2 lines or less per quote.

You may use any formal method of citation, but stick to the same method throughout your paper.

Avoid plot summary.

Check your course index for the specific due date. No late submissions will be accepted. :D


Essay Prompt:

Consider the various modern values we've discussed in class. Tell me how modernity (as we've discussed it) is reflected in Fritz Lang's Metropolis. This means you will have to define the term and discuss the various elements of modernity we'ved covered in class. Choose at least three primary source readings from class - from the early Renaissance onward - to illustrate the various modern ideas or values that are - or are NOT - represented in the film.

Remember, use ONLY sources from class - no outside sources.