NOTICE: Our class is moving ONLINE-ONLY starting March 23!

Last updated March 22 at 3:30 pm.

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What's Happening & When

On March 12, I sent an email to you (check you Delta student email) announcing that our class will be moving ONLINE immediately after Spring Break. We will continue online-only through the end of the semester. From now on, we will be using our Canvas online platform ONLY, and not our original course websites here at

Civ 3, Hum 3, and Hist 17A students should plan to access the Canvas site starting on March 23, right after Spring Break.

More details will follow once our Canvas course is live, but here are some quick updates on our most pressing assignments (please note that these updates supersede the information provided in your original course syllabus):

As usual, you can contact me via email at to discuss our class. Additionally, Canvas has a private message feature that you can use to write me, as well.

Using Canvas

Below, I've included basic information about accessing Canvas and resources for obtaining help using Canvas. As far as I know, our campus libraries and computer labs will remain open to provide you with more reliable access to Canvas, but as most of our courses are going online, computer stations on campus will likely be in high demand. There is a Canvas app for select smartphone and tablet platforms, but its functionality is limited. I recommend that you plan to use a desktop or laptop computer as your main point of access for Canvas. Additionally, make sure that your OS and browser are up-to-date and be sure that your browser add-ons aren't messing with Canvas' functionality. You may also have to clear your cache/cookies to access Canvas.

Canvas Help

That's it for now!

~ Prof. Kali Pappas :)