Hammering Out a Federal Republic (1754-1800)

(From your professor)


  1. What seems to worry George Washington about the future of American political affairs? What is he afraid may happen?
  2. What does he advise that Americans do to combat these possibilities?


  1. What are the facts presented in both cases?
  2. What federal powers are at issue? Why does the court rule the way it does? What important precedents are set? Why do you think the Court felt it was important to set these precedents?


  1. What roles does Benjamin Rush ideally see women taking on in the new American republic?
  2. How does he feel these goals can be reached?
  3. What is problematic about his views regarding women's education, especially considering the larger goals of the Enlightenment, which inspired the American Revolution?


  1. What issues does Murray take on prevailing attitudes towards women's roles and education?
  2. How does she feel women compare intellectually to men?
  3. What changes does she seem to support regarding the way the eighteenth century west views women, and seeks to prepare them for life?
  4. How does this work reflect general Enlightenment philosophies?