Study Questions for Growth, Diversity, and Conflict (1720-1763)

(From your textbook authors and your professor)


  1. What are the key elements in Franklin's plan of union? How does he envision the colonies working together?
  2. What need was the plan of union designed to meet?
  3. Why do you think the plan failed to garner enough support to bring it into effect?

Petition from the Inhabitants of Orange County

  1. Identify the specific grievances that Regulators in Orange County have against the royal government of North Carolina.
  2. How do the Regulators frame their argument in this petition? Who was the audience for their petition?
  3. What does the Regulator movement reveal about colonial politics on the eve of the Revolution?
  4. How do these sources show a marked change of mood on the part of colonists when compared to The Declaration of the Gentlemen from 1689? Generally speaking, what accounts for the shift in attitude?